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Sarah Nelson

“Making money is actually the LEAST valuable thing I got from Keala and his team. What’s more important is who I’ve become along the way. When I got started, my business was failing...and now I am one of the most sought after speakers in my entire industry! If you have a chance to work with Keala, take it!”


Sandra Tatum

“These guys are the real deal. Thanks to what I’m learning from Keala and his programs, I quickly replaced my 6-figure salary at my corporate job (more than doubled it, actually), have written a book, have my own podcast and more! I never could have imagined this is where I’d be today!”

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Chris Celeste

“What I’ve learned from Keala has completely transformed my life. I’ve made multiple 6-figures my first year and now I work from home full-time and get to build my schedule around my 2 kids. I can’t even put a price tag on how much that means to me!”

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Paul Woolley

“It definitely didn’t happen overnight like it seems for some folks but because of what I’ve learned from Keala, I’ve done well over a million dollars in sales. Most importantly though, I’ve retired my wife, Wendy, and I work from home with our two boys!”